Lectures and Workshops

Lectures are available in a wide variety of genealogical topics. Specific lectures developed upon request.

Lecture Testimonials

"I found Michael Brophy's program Genealogical Resources of the Archdioces of Boston educational and is a must attend, as church records can provide information not in Vital Records. I highly recommend taking in this program the next chance it is available."
Tim Firkowski
President New England Chapter, Association of Professional Genealogists
"Thank you for presenting an excellent lecture at our October meeting at the Chelmsford Library. It was both educational and entertaining. I have been to dozens of genealogy lectures but I can't think of one that was anything like it. You very cleverly hooked your audience with the story of Kilroy and led them through a search of his ancestral heritage. It was an interesting case study."
Tom M. Toohey
Vice President The Irish Ancestral Research Association
"Mike’s presentation was insightful, informative, humorous, and rich in detail.  If you have Gaelic roots, Mike can help you climb the family tree and explore all its branches"  
Marie Stapleton
Boston MA

Previous Engagements

  • National Genealogical Society Annual Conference
  • Institute of Historic and Genealogy Research (IGHR)
  • Ohio Genealogy Society
  • Southern California Genealogy Society Annual Jamboree
  • New England Historic Genealogical Society Boston MA
  • Boston Public Library Boston MA
  • The Irish Ancestral Research Association (TIARA) Auburndale MA
  • New England Regional Genealogy Conference (NERGC)
  • Family History Expo ST George Utah
  • Massachusetts Genealogical Council Waltham MA
  • Federal Reserve Bank Boston MA
  • Massachusetts Society of Genealogists Auburn MA


  • Irish Americans
  • Eastern Massachusetts
  • Massachusetts

Selected Lectures/Workshops

  • Kilroy was Here: A Genealogy Case Study of a WWII Cultural Phenomenon
  • Orphan Trains: History, Genealogy, Legacy 
  • Genealogical Materials at the Boston Catholic Archdiocese
  • Descedency Research
  • Catholic Genealogy
  • Erin in the USA: Irish Research on this Side of the Atlantic
  • Electronic Databases for Genealogy
  • Paddy on the Net: Irish Genealogy Databases
  • Genealogy Myths and Legends
  • A Guide to Massachusetts Record Repositories
  • Speaking Conditions
  • International and Out of State Engagements accepted
  • Handouts and Syllabus Material provided
  • Specific lectures considered and developed

Lectures via Skype/Internet Phone Available!