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Genealogist in the Boston area providing general research in lineage and family history utilizing record sources such as vital records, census, federal records, immigration documentation, military records, probate, and other sources.

Boston and Eastern Massachusetts area with Irish-American ancestry a specialty.


Irish-American Ancestry Specialist

"Mike’s presentation was insightful, informative, humorous, and rich in detail. If you have Gaelic roots, Mike can help you climb the family tree and explore all its branches"
Marie Stapleton
Boston, MA


Using wills and probate records for genealogy can lead to unexpected “inheritances” of your own: clues about relatives’ identities, wealth, personal belongings, and family relationships


Forensic genealogy is genealogical research conducted for the purpose of assisting in legal matters. A forensic genealogist can be invaluable in the probate process. In testate cases, there are several reasons research might be required. The estate might not be able to locate an heir named in the will.

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Heir Research

Probate research deals with finding heirs and proving their right to an inheritance. … Probate researchers are also called heir hunters, heir searchers, and forensic genealogists. Intestacy laws vary enormously from one country to another, and in the US, they also vary from state to state.